Last night while I was at the BAC I got my annual reminder from the Boston ticket givers that my inspection stickers expired!

First off I know it’s my own fault, but if you can flip over a Smart Car and put it in some of the pot holes in Boston street I hope they spend my money wisely.

Also, it’s a $40 ticket! Wow, that hurts. So check your stickers!

Update March 4: I went to get a new sticker and my car failed! Apparently the flashing cruse light has something to do with the emissions. The last time that happened the guy at the dealership said that the light comes on if the gas cap is not closed all the way. So now it’s off to the dealership to get it turned off once again. Then back to the other garage for a real sticker. Currently I’m sporting an “R” which means I have 60 days to get it fixed. Hmmm, I think I just made it thru to May!