A funny thing that JMan said

The other evening while having dinner I was relaying a story about my grandmother. Many years ago when I was about 6 or 7 my grandmother bought a color TV. She was the first on the street to have on and we’d all pile into her living room and watch anything….as it was color!

JMan was very interested in my story and when I paused for a few seconds he asked the following question…..” What color was the TV?”

After we picked ourselves off the floor I explained that old TV’s were black and white and used a black and white photo to explain the difference.


The photo has nothing to do with the story……but it’s cute.

JMans birthday strike again

This evening we went to our local Mexican Resturant ixtapa.

He asked for a Coke and got it.


Then he was surprised by the wait staff with a happy birthday in Spanish. Pretty cool stuff. He was shocked when they placed a sombrero on his head! However, the ice cream made up for the shock!


When we got home we had more sugar in the form of mini cup cakes.


In case you forgot he turned six today.


JMan’s birthday weekend

GMan is turning 6 on Tuesday. Happy bday!

Last night to kick it off we meet some friends for dinner and a movie. He was surprised to see over friends then we got him with the cake.


After a sugar high we went to
Despicable Me 2. If you have not seem it yet….go. It’s a blast.

JMans art show

Tonight was JMans pre-k art show. We were treated to a few songs and then a presentation of there work.


JMan and his board


Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night – This one is JMans version


Go here for the real deal.


JMans invention.


Whistle made of popsicles.