The Groton Place

After 8 years living in Groton I finally wandered into the woods! The Groton Place to be precise. It’s off 225 right before Nashoba Paddler as you head to West Groton. The place is full of trails and dogs, yes dogs…..lots of them. All mind you brought other humans for company. If you get out this way it’s worth a visit. Go here for more info.

JMan and GMan




The lads


This is an interesting one and one I was not expecting to find. The last hunt I was at was over thirty years ago. Mind you I was just hanging with the doggies!


If you get out this way and have a dog, or not, check out “The Groton Place”.


We have a visitor this weekend, it’s Simba the rabbit from JMan class at Groton Community School (GCS). As far as visitors this one is dead handy, quite, remains in his place, doesn’t talk back or ask for anything and is trilled to bits when you toss him a carrot.

JMan and Simba.


Which one is/should be in the cage.