GMans BDay

Tonight we are celebrating GMans BDay. First stop Kimball bumper boats.


And second was bumper boats!




GMan get a tow…..again!


Your bday hosts



The kids were still up when I went to bed at 12:30 and apparent my better 1/2 heard them at 1:30, by at 6:15am all were asleep.

GMan got a book award

GMan won the book award this year in 4th grade. The book award is given to the student who reads the most pages. My guess is he read more this year than I have in the past five, possible ten!

Well done GMan.



GMan art show

GMan art show was the other day. All the kids did something on stage and GMan’s class sung several French song including a funny in about a duck that wanted grapes at a lemonade stand.

After all he singing we wandered around to view the art.

First up is a paper mâché mask.


Tea Pot Money Bank.


Art is statement.


Sea Scape.


Electric Box (like the operation game).


Wachusetts Mountain – Snowboarding

Wachusetts Mountain – Snowboarding. Today was our first trip to our local mountain this season. GMan’s boarding lessons start this week and we wanted to break him in prior to his lessons. Conditions were okay, but it was cold and considering it was 70 degrees the last time we hit the slopes anything less than 50 would feel cold! It was busy, but the lines moved fast. It was a nice way of ending 2012 and looking forward to next Friday. See you on the slopes, here’s snow in your face!

The boys say pull!

Many years ago pre kids Jess and I were poking around a yard sale. I came across a clay pigeon thrower, or clay chucker as I call them. The sticker said $10 and I bought it for $8….don’t you just love a bargain.


It found its way over the garage and there it sat until I remembered while paying for ammo the other day! Funny how that happened. I dragged it down, planted the front pegs on the back 9 and let a few rip. After I was satisfied that it was safe I set a few ground rule and gave the kids a turn.

Click on the “pull” for videos.

JMan says pull.

GMan says pull.