Forge Pond

Jess and I spent some time today at Forge Pond (Westford MA). The weather was beautiful for a little sand on you shoes time.

Below: Jess and I

The pond reminds me of hanging out at Lough Ree when I lived in Ireland.

Below: Pano of Forge Pond.

More pumpkins

Jess and the boys went pumpkin picking at our usual place Pickard Farm in Littleton MA today.

I stayed at home recuperating and took a nap. Naps rock….

JMan and GMan on a tractor/trailer ride.

Jess and JMan all smiles.

According to Jess this years pumpkins were really big. Here’s GMan making off with his selection.

The owner challenged himself to pick up pumpkins with a log loader. Jess said he managed a few but other turned to mush.

Random Ireland photos – 3

Jimmy's fields, Clonown Road, Athlone

The bog road. If I had a dime for every time I headed up this road I'd be able to call home for a month or so.

View from our bog. For as long as I can remember this view has not changed one bit. A few new buildings in Athlone are visible but the topography is exactly as I remember it.

Bog crew.

GMan and JMan fixing up a few stucks of turf.

Saving turf is and will continue to be back breaking work…..but it smells so good when's it's burning!

Big plants.

BBQ at Seamus and Adeline house.

Top to bottom.

1. How many kids can you get into a trampoline. I suspect we tested the structural integrity of this one.

2. All the grandkids.

3. The whole gang.

Pollen Count

Windy today so the pollen count was up. Here’s a shot of my car.

This is looking out the windshield.

It’s official a blizzard 

If you can’t see you neighbors house it’s official a blizzard. 

However, the weather man says;  Officially, the National Weather Service defines a blizzard as a storm which contains large amounts of snow OR blowing snow, with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile for an extended period of time (at least 3 hours).

Other Black Friday photos

JMan and I spend part of the day walking the beach and checking out an old WW2 outpost. 

We practically had the beach to ourselves which was nice on one hand and kinda sad on the other.

Wish we could have gotten in and around this place, but lots of “Extremely Hazardous” signs and fences said otherwise. I guess photos from over the fence will have to do. 

If you ever get down the NJ shore put Sandy Hook in your GPS and drive to the end! Here’s a link with more info.