Architecture gone wrong

This facade update is currently under construction on the Mall Road in Burlington MA. I’m not sure where the architect (if we can actually call him/her that) got the inspiration, but it appears they can only see up to 25′, or the top of there addition. Perhaps they have vertigo, but the last time I checked mid 80’s glass and brick does not go with Egyptian Revival!

Here’s a view from down the road. It’s quite the juxtaposition.


Here’s a closer shot.


I wonder what’s the thesis behind it? I can imagine a design meeting….

Designer: I think we need to play off the existing vernacular by transposing the brick and glass to ratify the exposure of the edifice. (archi babble – like politician talk, then say a lot and means anything)

Owner: I like Egypt.

Designer: Well, don’t you think the arrangement of facade openings mirrors a more common and diverse pattern that allows fluid movement in, around and through the site.

Owner: I like Egypt.

Designer: I understand your desire to re-energies the justification of entrance verses exits upon which we can apply a deep and meaningful feeling of enclosure, where the general popular will feel welcome, relaxed and secure.

Owner: I like Egypt.

Designer: So you like Egypt. Great, let’s put on an ugly curved parapet, which will stand out like a sore thumb.

Owner: Like I said, I like Egypt.