Our little architect

Like me JMan is forever building or making something. His latest creation was a rather elaborate dog house for our four legged friend Koda.

He wanted to bring it into school to continue building so I took the opportunity to snap a photo.

Possible something new…

Early days yet but offer in and is was accepted on a possible new place.

Contemporary split in Harvard MA. Inside is dated and outside need a little TLC but I happen to know a 1/2 decent designer. Inspection on Tuesday so we’ll see what happens from there.

Its not waterfront but its not far off it. Thurston’s Beach on Bare Hill Pond in 2 minutes down the road, that includes walking to the car are putting on/off seat belts. Its an easy walk or bike.

Thurston’s Beach is lower left, house is lower right and the Town Beach is upper right. For those in Ireland; its no Lough Ree but reminds me of Barrymore or Hodson Bay, just a mini version of the lake.

Not exactly beach weather but we did have the whole gaf to ourselves.

Even Koda got in on the action.

Training up a designated driver…

GMan is hitting the road…well hopefully not hitting the road but keeping her between the hedges.

GMan has to get in his hours so we went around the block. It was a weird sensation sitting in the passenger seat with my son behind the big round thing. I remember the first time I drove the dad in a car. It was the summer of 88 in Falmouth MA. Sure, I drove the tractor for years while working our small farm growing up in Ireland, but I never actually drove a car with the dad (Jimmy) in it.

So there I was pulling off the two lane portion of 28 north onto the divide highway part. It suddenly dawned on me that this was the first time I was driving he somewhere. I glanced over at him as I floored the Iroc Z Camaro I was driving only to see a look of horror while he tried to push himself into the none existent back seat. If that car had passenger break we’d have stopped on a dime. As it was I’m fairly certain he pushed out the floor boards. I eased off the many horses I had available to me and coasted to the next exit. Our Jimmy was not ready for a late eighties V8 navigated by his second born son!

Anyhow, back to my upcoming designated driver. He did great and I’m very proud of him. I’ll admit that a few mailboxes were rather close to my window, but he keep her on the black stuff so all was well.

Come on in #19…

Jess and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on 10/31….yes, Halloween…and no we did not dress up…at our wedding or at Halloween! This weekend I organized an overnighter to Portsmouth NH. Jess and I really like this part of NH and Portsmouth is such a fun city.

One good thing that comes with maturity…yes, I’m admitting publicly that I’m getting older…is the ability to stay and more importantly pay for nice hotels. This time it was the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel.

View from our room. We could see the water but not the giant sandbag! The staff were friendly and the hotel was very nice. Recommend if you have a few extra shekels to spare. Bonus is you can walk to downtown which is full of great stores and restaurants.

Saturday night was a bit of a blur as we were both tired and just wanted to chill. Dinner was at the Portsmouth Gas Light. Food was great and the porter I had did the trick quite nicely.

Sunday am was fun as we got an extra hour of sleep. Bonus was no upstairs neighbors walking about like elephants or dog or kids! As usual no visit to Portsmouth is complete without breakfast at the original Friendly Toast and the whole reason for the following image puzzle I gave to Jess.

Think about it for a few. Answer below.

Liquid gold in a mug….fine, black coffee will have to do.

The Friendly Toast is full of really fun items and people.

We waited for over an hour to get a table. Actually, high top this visit. Jess was very excited when the food showed up. As usual it was all wonderful.

If all bathrooms had one of these signs we’d all be happy. Even alien who apparently lay around.

Decisions decisions…in all fairness we were starving and 8 hours later I still have not eaten anything.

Now thats a good looking flag!

Stone carvings on the main drag. We sure don’t design like they used to design.

Its that good looking flag again in Market Square.

All in all it was a great mini get-a-way. Love you Jess…looking forward to the next 19 and beyond.

Image puzzle answer: We will be having pancakes at the original Friendly Toast on Sunday morning. So pack your bags and we’ll get out of here. Food in fridge, kids will be okay.

Random weekend photos

Looking up

Looking down

Just chilling

JMan and I went to a toy train show. Brought back memories of my own set from years ago.

The details are simply incredible. If this what the road show sets look like I bet the permanent home sets are truly wonderful.

Overpass 1.

Overpass 2.

Just for fun. Koda got himself a winter suit.

Random weekend photos

Koda taking a rest from out Saturday am walk.

Yet another rest!

After Koda was turned away from kids fest at Wachusett Mountain…….which mind you had a dog show……we took the high road….. to the top of the mountain that is.

Today we celebrated GMan’s bday. He wanted pizza at Regina’s in the North End so we happily supported his choice.

Its just good……go eat, be happy.

Thacher and North Margin Streets. I wonder how many tourists have stood on this corner wondering how to walk off dinner.

No visit to the North End is complete without a visit to Caffe Vittoria.

We got prime real estate in the window. It was quite busy….I just timed this shot with no one in it.

JMan an his sausage dog on a skateboard balloon creation.


Dinner consisted of the following: Alligator, Camel, Emu, Elk, Wild Boar, Kangaroo, Frogs Legs and some spuds for good measure. Everything was delicious….and a lot tasted like chicken! So, what does chicken really taste like?


Plate 1

Plate 2

More fall activities

Today almost all of us visited Marini Farm Stand in Ipswich MA. The highlight was getting completely lost in the corn maze.

The optimistic maze trotters about to head where hundreds have failed before.

JMan choosing an entry point. To made matters worse I left my glasses in the car. So even with a good map…like the one behind JMan I could not see it anyways.

The tape changes colors depending on how lost you are, but green means you were almost out. Spoiler alert….we did not find the green tape.

Everyone tried a turn at leading including Koda.

JMan with our “get me the frig out of here flag”, which I might add we did not use.

Your very lost tour guides.

JMan gets in a hug.

After 20 or so of wandering around I decided to backtrack out of the yellow area and back into the blue area as thats the color at the start. The boy scout in me followed the sun and a few minutes later we popped out in the same place we started. Did we cheat…sure, but hot cider and donuts far out rank the Iowa feeling.

JMan and Jess get in a little rest on one huge chair.

Potato cannon….

Mine turn…I managed one hit at about 4:30 on what looked like a 6 foot square target at 35 yards. Not bad and I’m definitely going to look into building one of these puppies. No AFT stamp required and legal in all 50 states.

Quick run on the giant slide…

And who said kids have all the fun. BTW adults go faster as gravity has more to work with!

Gangs all here selfie.