Old butt/new butt

I sandblasted the butt of the rifle I’m restoring yesterday. After a good soaking in the ultra sonic cleaner all the heavy rust came right off. I used a wire wheel on an air tool to clean up the remainder.

A few minutes in the sandblasted and the part came out looking pretty good.

Here’s the new:


Here’s the old:


Arisaka Type 99

I acquired an Arisaka Type 99 from my father-in-law a while back. It has a history and I add a page to talk about that. Right not I wanted to get up some photo of the on going restoration. Lets just say it spent that last 40 years or so propped up in the corner of my in-laws basement that occasionally takes on water! Go here for more information on the gun. Here are some photos of the restoration so far. I borrowed two ultra sonic cleaners from a friend and soaking the parts in Kerosene is really helping to loosen up heavy rust. By the way heating the oil which you can do with these units is an extra benefit! More to come as I move forward.