Rebuilding finally underway….inside

Our contractor moved into the house the other day and began the reconstruction phase. First order of business was addressing a slight slope at the overhangs. You may remember the below photo.


Interesting as this is it’s a solution for a house with 2′ overhangs. The floors sagged years ago and will remain in their current bowed position until someone digs a hole and shoves the house into it. The easiest fix is to sister onto the existing framing and cheat the floor back up.

This image shows the tail ends of the sistered framing (by the door on the right….incase you missed them). I can tell you its like night and day walking across the floor now. I put up a few more images later but you can even tell in the photo that is looks and more importantly feels way better. Overall it was about 1″ off, which is not must over 60′ but when it drops that far in 4′ you definitely feel like you are running toward the wall.


Below is a photo of the new framing members. We also installed corner brackets to tie everything together.

Below is a photo from below. Our electrician wanted more sheetrock pulled down so he would break a nail chasing wires!

Not quite as exciting but progress none the less the existing closet – soon to be hall bathroom door was framed up and below the office walls in the Lower Level.

As yesterday was Friday the boss showed up on Payday. Yes, its true…..I’ll work for peanuts.