Duck 🔑 – Day 4

Mother Nature decided to cry this am so we all lay around watching tv. When it cleared the kids played ping pong and I played a round of mini golf.


As tradition would have it we found the only Chinese restaurant within 50 miles. Of course it was open on December 25th. I’m not sure what I ate but it’s safe to say I won’t miss it.

On the way out of the parking lot I noticed a cargo container with what looked like a kitchen fan on the roof. I was afraid to look inside.

Look to the left of the closet door on the top of the cargo container. It’s one of those, don’t ask moments.


I also like the tin can catching something dripping from the vent coming through the wall. To say the Keys are jaded is an understatement!


Natures symmetry.


Photos from a beach down the road a bit.






Like our own Route 1 you can probably get anything you want, need or desire on this Route 1.


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