19 Apr

JMan played Mr. Keller in his school play and asked that we visit the Perkins School for the Blind. Helen Keller attended the school from 1888 to 1894 and was the first blind person to receive a bachelor degree.

As its in Watertown it was an easy Sunday drive.




 The boy hard at play.


 The campus and grounds are quite beautiful. Lots of brick and slate.






 JMan sitting an the original building directory, bronze inlay! Very cool indeed.





Rental car dash

17 Apr

Had a rental while my car was in the shop. When I first sat into it I thought I was in a cartoon. Not sure who designed this gem….but I wonder what was the concept thesis?


Nothing on TV today!

17 Apr


Saturday fun

11 Apr


Saturday fun with the fam. For you architect types….name that building behind us.

More snow!

9 Apr

It’s like the winter that keeps giving. I vote for a hostile take over. Who’s joining forces with Spring and I? Or, we could do it Irish style and take winter out back and kick the crap out of it!


The fam….

7 Apr

Sunday selfie. Apparently my new job is collecting chins! 


Vanity Plate

7 Apr

Spotted this one in traffic. Perhaps I’ll see if it’s available in a MASS(hole) version!


JMan ready in the kitchen

6 Apr

A favorite past time of mine when I was young was to mix a bunch of stuff together and try to make something new. I was particurally fond of all the cool stuff my dad (Jimmy) had in our turf shed which was just off the kitchen. He had all manner of paints, tinners, polish, cleaners and a variety of other things that I could get my hands on. He used to say that I may end up blowing up house at some point! Apparently JMan got the same bug, but he likes working with stuff from the kitchen. I’ll spare you the end result but needless to say it didn’t look or swell very well at all!

Here’s JMan all suited up with his aprin. 


Autodesk in Boston

30 Mar

We got a sneak peak at our new Boston location today. For more info go here.






29 Mar



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