More snow!

16 Apr

Old man winter is not done yet! Good old New England weather dies it again. 70′s yesterday and 30′s this am.


Back yard view.


Weather according to my iPhone.

Night out for the adults

13 Apr

Jess and I had a night out in Portsmouth NH. We stayed in the Ale House Inn. Go here for more info. It’s not an inn….more like a small boutique hotel. Cool place with iPad and flat screen TV’s in all rooms.

Dinner was at the Library Resturant. Reservations are recommended so we ended up in the bar which has a fun menu. The food is great and so was the service.


Let me do a selfie!

The room was comfortable and we slept well. The bells in a near by church rang at 8:45….

Breakfast was at the Friendly Toast. We ate here before and it’s a must do if you come play in Portsmouth.



We split the above! Yum

Get here before 10 or wait in line!


Bird nest

11 Apr

The other day while at work a few very productive birds decided to build a nest on my car! They got a lot done in four hours but unfortunately it was all for nothing as I needed to drive home.





11 Apr


Home brew

4 Apr

Ya…it’s Friday


Double Cukoo Man

25 Mar

JMan spud creation!

I’m not sure if this is the front or back….


In any event here’s the other side.



21 Mar

Today we are back at Wachusett Mountain. Condition are between granular sugar and too frozen slushy! Welcome to true New England boarding.

Just GMan and I so most of the morning was spent in the park. Next yo the bunny hill the conditions are not bad.

Here’s a video of GMan catching some air.

Here’s another video.

Here’s the last one…..really!

Mount Snow – 3rd Day

19 Mar

Up early and packed. Breakfast and conversation were good. Loaded up the gear and headed to the mountain.

JMan took a boarding lesson and GMan and I took in a few runs. It was anything but spring boarding today. High thirties and sleeting at the top.

Conditions were not as good today with lots of ice and/thin coverage. On run three I took a good spill….according to GMan I planted the front of my board a did a complete summersault. Good job I’m dressed for battle but I feel this one in the am!

In for lunch and GMan is off at his lesson. I’m sitting out the afternoon or possible hanging with JMan on bunny hill.


JMan in the tubes.


GMan lesson went really well and he now knows how to do a trip pod. On one of his last runs he came through the 1/2 pipe. Go here for a video.

Lunch at the Salon on the way out if town. It’s the best food and value on town.




All in all we had a great time……we’ll be back. MA here we come.

Mount Snow – 2nd Day

18 Mar

Room stayed warn and breakfast was once again great.




Followed by Snow Goose style Eggs Benedict….yum

Off to the mountain we go. The boys are off at lessons, Jess is reading and I got in a few solo runs. This is a big place and it’s very quite today.


Me at the top.


Jess and me….at the bottom.


First we had skiing…


Go here for a short video.

GMan had a park lesson where he pick up lots of tips from his instructor Kevin. Kevin is twenty two years teaching boarding and he knows a thing or two. After his lesson we took a bunch of runs through Prospector.

Another view from the top.


GMan glides on by. Click here for video.

JMan walks on by! See video here.

Jess and the boys at the bottom after a great day of boarding, skiing…..and reading!


Me and the boys.


No day is complete without a silly photo in front of a silly mirror.

Here’s the squished version.


And the looooong version.


The boys in their element……again.


Boots…..just because.


Done….it’s off to bed.

Mount Snow – Drive up and 1st day

17 Mar

Spring boarding with winter temps. I was really hoping for mid 40′s but tonight will be below freezing!

We took the back road to VT….119 all the way. It was nice to take a trip on a two lane road with frost heaves. Our home away from home is the Snow Goose Inn….my better 1/2 picked it out. Reviews were good and it’s not party condo style hearing the neighbor four doors over. However, so far it’s a bit if a bust. The driveway, steps and walks were all caked in ice, the heat was not working…inn keeper is looking into it, and its the only inn I ever visited with wall to wall carpet…..well….gray with dirt.

After we checked ourselves in and unloaded we visited Mount Snow. I was here once before….many year ago with my brother Mick. We had big plans on renting him a mountain bike but he decided to sleep off the night before in the parking lot, so I decided to cheap skate it. I pushed my bike up what is now Nitro Express….after two heart attacks and twenty five minutes of huffing and buffing I made the top of the chair lift…..I rested for a few minutes and the trip down took a little under two minutes. At the bottom my breaks were gone but I was still in-tacked. One run was enough for me.

Anyhow, back to this trip. We strolled around for a few minutes…..visited the main lodge and drove by the 1/2 pipe….nice, but not for me.

Back at the inn we helped ourselves to wine and cheese with the inn keeper and some newly weds from CT. The wine was in a carafe……which is always suspect….but I needed something to take the edge off. Cheese and crackers were…..well cheese and crackers.


It’s the North Pole! Way too late for XMass lights.


Dinner next door at The Last Chair was good.


News flash. The inn keepers husband fiddled with a valve on the heater and I think we may survive the night.

The bonus at The Last Chair is the arcade. GMan and JMan were right at home.



I was drinking and driving! Not really….but I was mobile with my beer.


The heat came on. For a while there I felt like I was on vacation in Ireland. Sur it will be grand….here’s another blanket….who needs heat!

Hmmm. Apparently the heat came on with a vengeance. At 1:30am Jess was wondering around with her iPhone flash light trying to find that same valve.

Breakfast was great. Mount Snow here we come.

View from the top.


The Saint Patricks Day $17 special brought out the crowds, but the lines move fast. Conditions are great and we managed several runs before lunch. JMan Riglets lesson went great. We’re off to the mini park in a bit.

GMan in line.


The Blue Bird lift was broken. Apparently something went on its gear box and everyone needed to be belayed off. However, there are many other ways of making it to the top.

Here’s Jess and the boys on the way to top. We’ll not really. Jess is sporting a rather cool bag. New lodge side style.


And here the whole gang.


The boys in our Saint Patrick Day attire.



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