Boston Crusaders – Drum & Corps

2 Jul



In a word wow!

Splitsville – Patrior Place

2 Jul


I’ll have another!

This is an interesting concept. Bowling and dining. However it’s about as relaxing as dining in a war zone thanks to amateur bowlers! It sound and feels like a bombing raid.



It’s official, I’m in sabbatical 

2 Jul


Vanity Plate

1 Jul

Spotted this one on route 3 heading back to free state of New Hamshire. Not exactly a Martha approved plate, but I like it…..a lot!


This one is care of Mr.B


16 to go!

30 Jun

16 hours to my sabbatical! 4 years for 6 weeks off. You bet it’s a good deal!


1. a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year.

2. a period of paid leave where you get you head back together………this is me!

Sab_5 Sab_4 Sab_3 Sab_2 Sab_1

NJ Trip

30 Jun

This weekend we are in NJ visiting.

Jess, JMan and Lenore

Jess, GMan and Lenore

Found this beauty in Wallingford CT. Accident on 15 so we crossed 150 to 91.

Fathers Day pit stop to Cabela’s, Hartford CT…….before photo

The after effects!

What am I

7 Jun

It’s a while since we played what am I! I’ll buy lunch for the person who guesses this one.

Hint, I’m not naturally occurring, I’m man made. I go round and round in the dark and eventually I need to be replaced.

The paper clip in the photos is 1.75″ long. 

Okay….after a few guesses one was close enough. It’s the remainder of Stan’s NOTUBE Sealant after a year or so in the back tyre of my mountain bike. I had a slow leak and decided to pop off the wheel to clean it prior to resealing, out came the below sea amoeba! Go here for more info.


Minuteman Bikeway

7 Jun

Its many years since I rode on the Minuteman Bikeway. We (JMan & GMan) got on in Bedford and rode east. All totals we did a little over five mile. Which for JMan on 16″ wheels and 1 speed that was a haul.

Selfie on the 128 overpass bridge.

Overkill on the Garmin, but I wanted to track JMans distance.

On the way back we went to CycleLoft in Burlington, my kind of candy store! The only issue with visiting this store on the weekend is the lack of parking. For old time sake I used the Escadrille lot until one freed up. Given all the money I spent in the Escadrille years ago I reckon they own me!

Could not resist this photo.


17 Days to go

7 Jun

Not that I’m counting but I have 17 work days to go before my sabbatical. One of the perks of working for Autdeck is 6 weeks off every 4 years. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement. I have a few things lined up, but for the most part I’m not planning as that involves a schedule and a schedule is something I want a break from. 

It’s safe to say I’ll be getting in some mountain/road bike time and a few range trips.


Go carting

7 Jun

We went go carting at Tri-State Speedway in Didley again. This time JMan drove a car! 

No photos of the actual race but heres GMan trying on a car that’s 4 sizes too small for him.



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