Boston RV Show

18 Jan

We went to this show a few years ago and it was fun. However, since then I’m sad to say that there are absolutely no innovations in this sector.

In fact most of these fiberglass, fiber board and plastic boxes appear to be thrown together from across the street. The quality of work is simply terrible in anything other than the super high end motor coaches. Speaking of which for $200k plus I’d also want something other than a coffin looking interior clad in fiberglass!

Really, let’s lose the faux wood. There is lots of room for improvement and lot of room to up the quality of product. Most disappointing was the lack of Airstream campers. I think I’ll miss the next twenty or so years of shows, perhaps by then things will be better.

Now, how do I get back the $80 we spent on parking, admission and a few snacks!


Faneuil Hall Marketplace

10 Jan

Since the Art of Brick was upstairs at Faneuil Hall we hung out downstairs after.

Looking up.


Seating is hard to find…..unless your JMan!



Looking up again.


The boys horsing around outside.



The Art of Brick

10 Jan


Very simple but very inventive.

Mona Lisa.


American Gothic.




Scale 1:1 – 75,450 pieces of Lego



Whistler’s Mother.



Scale 1:1 – 1,675 pieces of Lego


Kneeling Archer.

Scale 1:1 – 11,200 pieces of Lego


Various other pieces.










Tree hugger I’m not!


Lego dress, umbrella and dog.




This is a fun show to see. As tomorrow is the last day for this show in Boston you may have to see it elsewhere.

Kids and ski pole

10 Jan

You give a kid a few weapons and eventually they will hit someone. Our GMan took a ski pole to the upper lip last night and required a stitch.

While shuffling to the lift line a skier in front of him pushed off with a little more energy that was needed.

Waiting room reflections.


Three hours later he was good as new.


Parents please tell your kids to watch their ski poles!

Words to live by

10 Jan

While eating dinner in a local burger joint JMan announced to the high pitched squeals of a 3 year old “little babies are cute, but so annoying!”

Classic JMan

Go carting

31 Dec

The Quinn boys went racing today. We went to, or should I say we finally ended up at the Tri-State Speedway in Dudley MA. It’s a long way from us but worth the drive.


The track and cars are in great shape. Thankfully we were racing against our self so the cars were cranked up. The cars can be governed wireless from the pit area. So if you bump, crash or there’s a crowd they can slow the cars remotely.

JMan and I shared where GMan had his own cart and we screamed around. Here we are at the starting gate.


JMan and I under speed.


GMan on the straightaway.


Final score and JMan and I best lap time.


This would be a great place for a birthday. Go here for more info.

Duck 🔑 – Day 5

26 Dec

Up, breakfast, pack, hit the road. Note to self. Avoid Miami International Airport next time I’m in Miami! It’s way to big for its own good. Just because you have a few thousand acres to spare does not mean you need to use it.

Anyhow…..hi-lights in the airport.

1. I found a Starbucks
2. GMan and I spotted Damian Marley (Bob Marley’s son)



How JMan gets comfortable on airport seats.


Duck 🔑 – Day 4

25 Dec

Mother Nature decided to cry this am so we all lay around watching tv. When it cleared the kids played ping pong and I played a round of mini golf.


As tradition would have it we found the only Chinese restaurant within 50 miles. Of course it was open on December 25th. I’m not sure what I ate but it’s safe to say I won’t miss it.

On the way out of the parking lot I noticed a cargo container with what looked like a kitchen fan on the roof. I was afraid to look inside.

Look to the left of the closet door on the top of the cargo container. It’s one of those, don’t ask moments.


I also like the tin can catching something dripping from the vent coming through the wall. To say the Keys are jaded is an understatement!


Natures symmetry.


Photos from a beach down the road a bit.






Like our own Route 1 you can probably get anything you want, need or desire on this Route 1.


Duck 🔑 – Day 3

24 Dec

Today we are touring around to see what the Keys have to offer. We didn’t go far just down Route 1 a bit more.


First stop….the price of my wake up call is $3.15 for a tall coffee, that’s small in Dunkin Donuts language! Paradise is not cheap, but it’s worth every cent.


Reflection of JMan and I.


7 mile bridge is seven miles long.


View from the end of Old Bahia Bridge in the Bahia Honda State Park.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4e6/31877726/files/2014/12/img_8964.jpg f


Pana off the old bridge looking North.


JMan at the beach at Bahia Honda State Park.


Happy Holidays to all.



Duck 🔑 – Day 2

23 Dec

Word of the day…..relax.

Jess finds a good spot by the pool.


The boys float on by.



Kayaking and paddle boarding… terms of activity, not really technically.



Family shot next to a cool mural in the way to the movies.


In the movies. This place is a throw back… say the least.



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