What am I

7 Jun

It’s a while since we played what am I! I’ll buy lunch for the person who guesses this one.

Hint, I’m not naturally occurring, I’m man made. I go round and round in the dark and eventually I need to be replaced.

The paper clip in the photos is 1.75″ long. 

Okay….after a few guesses one was close enough. It’s the remainder of Stan’s NOTUBE Sealant after a year or so in the back tyre of my mountain bike. I had a slow leak and decided to pop off the wheel to clean it prior to resealing, out came the below sea amoeba! Go here for more info.


Minuteman Bikeway

7 Jun

Its many years since I rode on the Minuteman Bikeway. We (JMan & GMan) got on in Bedford and rode east. All totals we did a little over five mile. Which for JMan on 16″ wheels and 1 speed that was a haul.

Selfie on the 128 overpass bridge.

Overkill on the Garmin, but I wanted to track JMans distance.

On the way back we went to CycleLoft in Burlington, my kind of candy store! The only issue with visiting this store on the weekend is the lack of parking. For old time sake I used the Escadrille lot until one freed up. Given all the money I spent in the Escadrille years ago I reckon they own me!

Could not resist this photo.


17 Days to go

7 Jun

Not that I’m counting but I have 17 work days to go before my sabbatical. One of the perks of working for Autdeck is 6 weeks off every 4 years. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement. I have a few things lined up, but for the most part I’m not planning as that involves a schedule and a schedule is something I want a break from. 

It’s safe to say I’ll be getting in some mountain/road bike time and a few range trips.


Go carting

7 Jun

We went go carting at Tri-State Speedway in Didley again. This time JMan drove a car! 

No photos of the actual race but heres GMan trying on a car that’s 4 sizes too small for him.


GMan Art Show at the Fitchburg Art Museum

3 Jun

GMan got an honorable mention for his impression of Sharpshooter by Winslow Homer.


Camping – Day 4

25 May

Up and break camp, but first breakfast. JMan with his oatmeal and comic book.

GMan smiling it up.  


Breaking camp. JMan took the photos while GMan wrapped up with me.


All done.

Side trip to the First Marble Quarry. Walking around the quarry one gets the sense that one day it was a hive of activity and the next it was gone…….



Lunch in Manchester VT and coffee in Brattleboro VT and finally home. Water from the fridge seems odly strange after four days in the woods! It was a wonderful camping trip and I’m very thankful I had GMan and JMan with me.

Camping – Day 3

24 May

We all sleep through the night….up, breakfast and headed to the beach. JMan new found friends arrived and let us borrow a kayak or two for some paddling.


The highlight of the day was some Huckberry Finn style fishing. For bate we used a hollow (coconut) biscuit, a piece of concrete for weight and an aluminum beer can top for a hook. The boys managed to get a few nibbles, but sadly no supper. 


In other news, the local we ran into a few years ago that said we needed to pack GMans belly button with Vasoline when a tick decided set up camp there caught a good size water snake. Where are you now Sr. Patrick!


A quick spin to Rutland for some Ben & Jerry’s is so worth it.


Modern Art 


JMan tending the fire


Late night tooth brushing session.



Camping – Day 2

24 May

After a few hours of restless sleep I was out of our tent at 5:15am. Instant oatmeal and likewise Starbucks coffee was breakfast of champions. 

Then back to bed….well cot and sleeping bag to roll around for a few more hours. It was cold, see your breath cold and that’s in the tent.

Back up again at 6:45. Kids were up by 7:30, more instant oatmeal and off to the playground. The kids struck up an instant friendship with a couple of like aged locals and they all horses around for a bit.

Our goal for today was nothing, but I did want a root beer float from the AW Root Beer drive in diner. My GPS said head north and so we did.

We happened upon a nice covered bridge on the way.

Guff tug


A while later we arrived at the A&W Drive in.




Mean while back at the ranch Mountain House provided dinner again.

 So far The Lasagna and Meat Sauce is winning.

Another bike ride to the play ground and a quick call home as this is the only spot on the camp site with cell reception….one bars worth. So no data, no email, no surfing the web…ain’t live grand. 
This view never gets old.

Either does this one.

 ATMO plug! 

Camping – Day 1

23 May

This year we made it camping for Memorial weekend. This year is also JMans first time to make the trip. So far he seems to be doing fine.

Traditional photos on the French King Bridge, Millers Falls MA (on route 2)


We are headed to St. Catherine State Park in VT….again. This is trip #4 and yes we like it. VT does a good job on their state camps and this one has all you need for a weekend in the woods.

Like our last trip we are ice free, so nothing we have requires refredigration. Dinner was care of Mountain House, tonight is Noodles and Chicken (pictured above) and Lasagna and Meat Sause (which we inhaled as we were starved, so no photo).


JMan and GMan approved. After a bike ride to the beach it was time for bed at 9pm or so.

Our camp site

29’er right at home in the woods.


JMan rolls on by

19 May

The joys of youth and a grassy hill. This is not recommended for anyone north of 25!

Go here for a quick video.


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