Perfect combination

31 Jul

Went to breakfast with JMan this am. I believe he found the perfect combination. 

iPod, bacon and wifi! 

Life is grand…..

Butter art

31 Jul

I found this little scared fellow in a new tub of butter.


Vanity Plate

31 Jul

Car, thy name is irony !!!! 

(Photo and caption thanks to B)

Hive Camp – Final Day

24 Jul

All the kids put on an impressive display of their invention on the last day of camp.

GMans hive made a human size Pachinko Machine. JMan hive made a giant water run.

The boy and a asphalt roof shingle bear.


Nature and not natural.


JMan in the Hive

GMan Pachinko Machine.


DeCordova Hive Camp

23 Jul

The boys are doing a week at the DeCordove Hive summer camp. So far it looks like everyone is having fun.

Here’s a few shot I took at drop off this am.


Go here for information on the Hive.

Go here for information one the museum.

Wachusetts Mountain hike

20 Jul

GMan, JMan and I took a hike up Wachusetts Mountain today. Despite the humidity it was quite cool in the woods and thankfully the wind was blowing.

JMan set the pace and we meandered up. Go here for a trail map.

View from Vista overlook on Link Trail.

At the top.

Sitting on Minuteman Express chair lift at the top.

Mount Major hike

18 Jul

Today GMan and I meet Jillian, Rob and Yuri for a hike up Mount Major. Go here for info on the mountain. 

We went up Boulder Loop and down Brook Trail. I’m not sure who was setting the past but Yuri (the dog) did a good job.

The gang at the top.

View from the top.


The boys.

GMan getting in a little tree time on the hike. 


GMan at the trail head. 

After our hike Rob, Jillian and Yuri treated us to a boat ride on Lake Winnipesaukee.

GMan and Yuri.

All in all it was a great day spent with good friends and a very happy doggie named Yuri!

JMans Birthday

18 Jul

This week we celebrated JMan birthday.

Happy birthday JMan and many many more to come.

JMan – aka pool monster

12 Jul

This is a great shot Jess snapped in Partriot Place.


Vanity Plate

12 Jul

Spotted this one getting on 495 west in Buzzards Bay.


I wonder what they do for a living! 


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