Cube present

17 Aug

My cube mate Mike left me the following present after returning from sabbatical.

Thanks Mike, I needed a good laugh.


Things we keep

17 Aug

While clearing out a drawer I came across the following collection of tickets and passes.

Memories are a funny thing.

Week with JMan – Part 4

14 Aug

The am was spent on the couch or in the garage. In the afternoon we went bowling and to the arcade.

JMan at the ready.

Action shot.

Arcade shot……zoom zoom.

Fun was had by all. Fortunately or unfortunately my sabbatical is coming to a screeching halt on Monday at 9am. So it’s back to work for me and back to camp for JMan and his big brother GMan.

Week with JMan – Part 3

14 Aug

JMan plan for Thursday was deep sea fishing. A quick google search found Yankee Fleet out of Gloucester MA. I booked a 1/2 trip, we packed lunch and hit the road. We ended up on the Yankee Freedom, a well used but sea worthy vessel. 

I have the same feeling about boat as I do with planes, as long as they work within their designed purpose I’m very happy. Planes need to go up and down in one piece, and boats just need to stay up!

JMan at the dock.


JMan was not feeling the best so we missed most of the fishing at the first stopping point. However, after a few minutes he was up and running and by stopping point three we were catching fish. Most were toss backs but we did get a few good sized Haddock that we’ll be having for lunch on Friday. 

All in all its was a fun day. If I were to go again with Yankee Fleet I would most likely go on one of their Limited Capacity Tuesday trips. Elbow room on the trip was a premium and more than once we got snagged lines. Non the less it was fun.

Week with JMan – Part 2

13 Aug

Tuesday was a wash in many ways as it rained for most of the day. JMan decided that that a combination of WiiU and iPod gaming would fit the bill. We did manage to stop by the hardware store for for stuff and also hit the Apple Store for some additional game time…….one can never have to much!

Wednesday was nice, however we went to Shaun the sheep movie in the am. It’s very funny and has lots of adult jokes and some classic kid ones that the whole family will enjoy. I really like claymation stop motion movies and this one is done well.

In the afternoon we needed to play with power tools. As part of a warranty process we needed to cut a rather large opening in the top of a cargo box. This was a fun project. Go here for a short video.

JMan ready for action.

The end results.

After that it was off to Kimball Farms for some Arcade time and an ice cream.

We’ll work on his stance, but he’s a good shot.


Not OSHA approved

11 Aug

I don’t normally repost but this one is good. So here’s the conversation…..I need two big guys and one not so big and a ladder!!


Week with JMan – Part 1

11 Aug

This week I’m hanging out with JMan. Yesterday we needed you know up GMan in York ME so we revisited the U.S. Albacore in Portsmouth NH I the way up. Go here for another post I did on the submarine. 

JMan trying out a bunk.


And in 2013.

JMan taking a look through the perescope and the drivers seat.

Symmetry. Getting 10lb of you know what into a 5lb bag is a real challenge, but doing it as neatly as this is an art.
Looking up.

Looking aft.
This is the main propeller bearing. At one point the Albacore was split, lengthened and an extra motor was installed. It actually have two drive shafts, one is a tube and the other is inside. As the sub was a research vessel this was a very inventive way of testing different propulsion systems.

Quick drive into downtown Portsmouth for lunch at Fat Belly’s. Good food and good service and no lines.

On the way to York ME we stopped in Kittery Trading Post. Then we picked up GMan and JMan took a dip in the ocean.

Day 2 – Raining.

As we’d say in Ireland “it’s a soft day” or “it’s a grand high stool day”. We settled for breakfast at Blackbird Cafe and some game time.


Annual Campton Party

9 Aug

Our neighbors have an annual BBQ in Campton NH. Each year they invite us and for some reason or other we never made it. This year JMan and I made it to the Campton Party.

JMan making ice cream.


View up the river from the back of the house.


End results of making ice cream. Yes, it was a lot of work, but worth it.


Our home for the night.


Who said you can’t have good coffee in the woods! Starbucks instant and my camping stove and it’s great brew all day long.

Lights out all.


JMan giving the thumbs up on breakfast.


The boys at the river.

Soon enough JMan and his shadow will be bigger and taller than me.


Crossing the covered bridge on the way home.


JMan and I had a great time and we are we would like to again thank our hosts J & K it was also nice to see L. We’ll be back!

Big day in the town 

6 Aug

Jess and I spent the day walking around Boston.

Trinity Church – Just go and take the tour. It’s an amazing space with lots of history.


Reflection in 200 Clarendon, previously known as the John Hancock Tower.

Foundation wall.


Architecture from different worlds.

One of the front doors.


Stain glass panel in interior door.

Trinity from inside the Boston Public Library.

Lunch at Galleria Umberto, North End – Good eats and cheap. $12 and some change for both of us to eat all we needed for lunch. However, the line is always out the door and when the food is gone they close the door! The menu has 6 food items, soda and a few beers. If your a fussy eater don’t bother, but if you want a decent lunch with a really good Aranchini head on down for a real treat.


Privately owned public space – 470 Atlantic Avenue. Head into the lobby and ask to go to the observation deck. Jess heard a story on NPR about spaces like these and we decided to go find one. Great views and its free!



Sign brackets – Many years ago I welded for a living. One of our trucks backed into the Dunkin Donuts sign on Atlantic Ave (near the Aquarium) and I was dispatched to fix it. While I was working away a Boston police officer came over to see what was going on. I lifted my helmets and we chatted for a few minutes. He was not impressed that I first parked on the side walk, second had no work permit, but he simply smiled and said get it done and get out of here when I used a parking meter as an anchor point to come-a-long the sign into place! By my guess the brackets at 20+ years in place.

Next time you are in the area look up at the Dunkin Donuts sign, it’s the only one with corner bracket.


The T – No trip to Boston is complete without a ride on the T.

Boston Public Library – In all the years I lived around Boston I never toured the existing portion of the BPL. This is truly a wonderful space and the inner courtyard is a gem in the heart of Boston. The bonus was a free concert. The Wiles put on a great show and everyone enjoyed it.


Reading room.

Inner courtyard.


Index card………thousands of them!

 I’m fairly certain that McKim, Mead and White did not see this juxtaposition when designing the BPL.


More index cards.

One set of main doors. 

Main stair. They (we) don’t build them like they used too.


Another doorway off the foyer.

The following is a series of photo of the marionette collection.

The Wiles. Go here for more information.

Other photos

Boston Maranton Finish Line.

Old South Church.

Teddy head mannequins. 
Singer sewing machine display. Very impressive collection.

Public Alley 439 

Perfect combination

31 Jul

Went to breakfast with JMan this am. I believe he found the perfect combination. 

iPod, bacon and wifi! 

Life is grand…..


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