What are you thankful for?

26 Nov

I’m thankful for;
My family, without them I simply would not be here. The friends I have and the ones I have yet to meet. My work mates near and far. My gym instructors for gently pushing me to be stronger and faster. To all the people who do things for me that I don’t know. 
For this I’m thankful. Wherever you are, who ever your with and whatever you are doing, be thankful…..for some of it.

What’s thankgiving with a turkey.

 And trimmings….

And a sip or two of wine…..I’m Irish, it’s in their blood….hic!



Post meal activities

26 Nov

JMan working on a knitting project with Buddy. BTW…That’s Elmor off to the left. He’s a bit stiff.


Hike with JMan

12 Nov

A few weeks ago JMan I hiked up Wachusetts. I just forgot to post the photos.

This is how Balance Rock ski/board trail got its name!

Get it!

At the top

On the way down

ATMO…..at home on any trail

GMan on Baker Street

7 Nov

Check out GMan on Baker Street. It’s a work in progress, but it’s a safe bet he’s the first Quinn to belt out anything on a sax!

GMans shredding gear

2 Nov

We picked up GMan boarding gear at Zimmermanns Nashua NH today. It’s the best deal in town, board, boots, bindings, season passes to two mountains and day passes to a few more…..all for $99.

Bring on the white stuff and cover all this green stuff!



2 Nov



31 Oct

We left it a late this year but the last few weeks were a little busy. However, we did make to our favorite pumpkin patch, the Pickard Farm on 119 in Littleton MA.



Fire tree

31 Oct

Here’s the last brilliant fall color in our garden. Next will be lots and lots of white stuff it one puts faith in the Farmers Almanac!


JMan, Deb and Richie

31 Oct

JMan, Deb and Richie at a recent family event.



24 Oct



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